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Ten years in the making,  Running Out of Time – Wildfires and Our Imperiled Forests book author David L. Auchterlonie highlights policies, and practices, of the federal agencies responsible for the nation’s forest management.

Crowbar Research Insights, LLC™ founder Auchterlonie provides thoroughly researched solutions to complex problems that have a long-standing, long-term devastating impact on so many individuals and society.


Management Practices and Fixes

The book focuses on wildfires and the historical as well as current management practices and potential and actual real vulnerabilities of the systems employed to fight the worsening and more destructive nature of forest fires across the United States. There is a component of the Running Out of Time – Wildfires and Our Imperiled Forests that discusses observations of the management and practices of international governments plagued with wildfires and their costly destruction of critical national assets.

The initial focus was to provide statistical, historical and current data with case histories for investigative reporters charged with providing media coverage of our nation’s forest fires. We believe it is now a bigger story that effects 70% of the U.S. population.  Unusual for a work such as this, there is a unique separate chapter devoted to recommendations, easily implemented, to start fixing the broken systems now in use!  A revolutionary public private partnership model describes how funding could be secured for both forest management and wildfire suppression.

Why Read this Book?

Of all the earth’s natural disasters, a wildfire is the only catastrophe that is controllable and, in many cases, predictable. Costing as much as $300 billion and thousands of lives each year, wildfires are fueled by human behavior, environmental factors and in many cases, the mismanagement, ineptitude, and lack of candor by governmental agencies. Running Out of Time – Wildfires and Our Imperiled Forests is the culmination of more than ten years of extensive research, expert interviews, and personal experience. It exposes the inexplicable policies, practices, and deception of the federal agencies responsible for the nation’s forest management. Running Out of Time – Wildfires and Our Imperiled Forests reveals dangerous vulnerabilities in current wildfire suppression systems and forest management practices and provides solutions that can save lives, land, property, and the environment.

What you will learn:

  •  Statistical, historical, and current data about the devastating damages wildfires cause to the environment, property, health, and human life
  • A comprehensive exploration of wildfire suppression and forest management, including the agencies responsible, the costs involved, the assets utilized, and the practices employed
  • Case studies that highlight numerous shortcomings in federal agency practice and the government’s track record of failure and lack of commitment to address a largely fixable natural disaster
  • A blueprint for system reform in the form of a partnership that would fund the significant costs needed to restore our neglected forests; reduce the number and veracity of wildfires; lower the volume of toxic, carcinogenic smoke caused by wildfires; and improve the health of our population and forests.

Forest Protection Zones Research

Forest Protection Zones (FPZs) represent an opportunity for effective development and implementation of forest management and wildfire suppression practices. Crowbar Research Insights, LLC™ has prepared a heavily researched, detailed white paper free for your download.

Download a FREE copy of our Forest Protection Zones (FPZs) white paper.