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Jeffrey A. Lehman


Jeff Lehman is co-founder of Crowbar Research Insights, LLC Research Insights.  His earliest management experience includes the assignment as the senior marketing and sales executive for Europe, Africa, The Middle East and India for Emery Air Freight while he lived in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

For the first 20 years of his career Jeff worked in large companies.  He was a vice president of Lockheed and later served as the vice president for private industry affairs in a large airport trade association in Washington, DC.  He left to become the senior vice president and general manager of an airline, Mid Pacific Air Corporation.

In 1993 Jeff started a consultancy, Greeley Pond Technologies with a focus on Fortune 50 U.S. companies in the aerospace industry.  One such consultancy contract resulted in the sale of $4.6 billion in C-17 aircraft sales to the ministries of defense of three countries.  Jeff Lehman has also been involved in the development of aviation and aerospace markets with an emphasis on logistics, training, strategic planning and organization as well as corporate and military scenario planning.  He has been a principal consultant to McDonnell Douglas, and Boeing in multiple assignments across both corporations.

Jeff currently sits on the Board of the Anne Stirba Cancer Foundation, in Salt Lake City – an organization with significant ties to the Huntsman Cancer Institute in Salt Lake City.  He also served on the executive committee and board of directors of the George C. Marshall International Center located in Leesburg, VA.  He was a founding member of the Greater Washington Aviation Open, a Washington based charity supporting the Corporate Angel Network and The Veterans Airlift Command.  When he relocated to Georgia, he served as a director on the Board of the Atlanta Aero Club.  He is a member of The Air League of the United Kingdom and an advisor to its Council as well as a member of the Royal Aeronautical Society. He is a life member of the Army Engineer Association and is a past member of the Army Navy Club of Washington.  He is a sailor and belongs to Lake Lanier Sailing Club and a member of the South Atlantic Racing Association.


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